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Hunt the Scorpion

Author: Mann, Don
Author 2: Pezzullo, Ralph
Narrator: Ganim, Peter
Format: CD
Approx. 9 hours
Series: SEAL Team Six #2
August 2016
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Summary: An action-packed military thriller for fans of Chris Ryan and Andy McNab. A series of attacks all over the globe are linked by a single, deadly intent: someone is gathering everything they need to make a dirty bomb. The terrorists behind it are shadows; their targets unknown. Navy SEAL Commander Thomas Crocker and his elite team need answers. They need to go to the source: to track down the material the terrorists are searching for, and stop it falling into the wrong hands. The hunt takes them through the Yemen, to a hijacked boat off the Somali coast, and into the chaos of post-revolutionary Libya...where their mission becomes terrifyingly personal. Don Mann was on active duty with SEAL team six until 1998. SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Scorpion combines his real-life insight with pulse-pounding action and non-stop thrills.

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