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Beautiful Darkness

Author: Garcia, Kami
Narrator: Collins, Kevin T.
Format: MP3
Approx. 17 hours
Series: Beautiful Creatures #2
Children/Young Adult
Dec 2010
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Summary: One night in the rain, Ethan Wate opened his eyes and fell in love with Lena Duchannes. His life would never be the same. Lena is a Caster and her family is locked in a supernatural civil war: full of darkness and demons. On her sixteenth birthday Lena made a terrifying choice, which now haunts her day and night. And as her seventeenth birthday approaches Lena and Ethan face even greater danger. A Caster and a Mortal can never truly be together. Every kiss is a curse. Ethan's next heartbeat could be his last. It is their curse now...

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