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Winning Colors

Author: Moon, Elizabeth
Narrator: Various
Format: CD
Approx. 11 hours
Series: Serrano Legacy #3
Sci Fi/Fantasy
January 2008
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Summary: Restored to her former state of health (and determination) Lady Cecelia goes in search of fresh bloodstock she's had enough of politics. But once again she manages to put herself and Heris Serrano at the point where lightning will strike. This time it's invasion from the neighboring empire: The Benignity of the Compassionate Hand. Heris is only a civilian now, with a space yacht what can she do in the face of a full-scale fleet of warships? But she is also a Serrano born to lead. In GraphicAudio...A Movie in Your Mind with Full Cast, Narration, Cinematic Music and Sound Effects. GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full-cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans. - Audiofile Magazine

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