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Thunder Point

Author: Higgins, Jack
Narrator: Rodska, Christian
Format: CD
Approx. 10 hours
Mar 2006
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Summary: 1945. The day before Hitler commits suicide, he arranges for Nazi leader Martin Bormann to flee to South America in a German U-boat. 1992. Terrorist Sean Dillon is saved from a Yugoslavian firing squad ' if he agrees to help the British government retrieve the long-lost documents of Martin Bormann. The wreck of Bormann's U-boat has been discovered in the Caribbean, along with a secret list of Nazi sympathizers. The names include high-level citizens from the U.S. and Great Britain ' and may implicate the Duke of Windsor himself. The evidence lies in a watertight briefcase on the bottom of the sea. And the desperate search to find it will send shockwaves across the world' 'Gripping'believable'fast-paced.' ' The Washington Post Book World 'A breakneck yarn!' ' Kirkus Reviews

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