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Master of Dragons

Author: Weis, Margaret
Narrator: Toren, Suzanne
Format: CD
Approx. 13 hours
Series: Dragonvarld #3
Sci Fi/Fantasy
January 2016
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Summary: The conclusion of Weis' compelling Dragonvold trilogy is an eminently fitting companion to Mistress of Dragons (2003) and Dragon's Son (2004). The trilogy's two renegade dragons have assumed human form by ripping the hearts out of living humans and taking over the bodies in a horrific plot to enslave humanity and rule dragonkind itself. Meanwhile, the twins, one of whom was sired by the dragon Grald in human form, have grown up and discovered each other, and while the fully human Marcus works to come into his dragon powers, his brother, Ven, who walks on dragon legs, denies his own powers. But it will take both of them as well as their mentor, Draconas, the dragon who walks in human form, to confront and defeat the evildoers. Weis spreads her net wide, bringing together the disparate plot threads of the previous books to wrap things up in a satisfactory manner and yet allow room, perhaps, for another story set in the same world.

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