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The Salmon of Doubt

Author: Adams, Douglas
Narrator: Cast
Format: CD
Approx. 8 hours
Sci Fi/Fantasy
Jan 2003
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Summary: There has never been another writer quite like Douglas Adams; witty, funny and brilliantly eloquent on a gargantuan number of topics. The Salmon of Doubt brims with the Adams trademarks: thought-provoking, silly and insanely original writings in an all-new never-before-published collection. For the millions of readers who expressed their grief and shock at his untimely death, this is it: his final book and our last chance to see new work from an acknowledged comic genius of our time. This work includes the title novella, essays on subjects near and dear to his heart, including perception, computers, and Bach's Brandenburg concertos; laugh-out-loud short pieces, and transcripts of Hitchhikers Guide to the future radio scripts. One last glimpse of Douglas Adams before we go.

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