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Boys and Girls Learn Differently!

Author: Gurian, Michael
Narrator: Ryan, Chris
Format: CD
Approx. 3 hours
Education/Personal Growth
Feb 2010
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Summary: The best kept secret in education -- a controversial manifesto on how the fundamental differences between boys and girls affect the way they learn. Many of us have felt instinctively that boys and girls don't learn the same way -- or at the same rate. Now, we have the scientific evidence to document and understand their many biological gender differences. For instance, girls talk sooner, develop better vocabularies, read better, and have better fine motor skills. Boys, on the other hand, have better auditory memory, are better at three-dimensional reasoning, are more prone to explore, and achieve greater abstract design ability after puberty. In this profoundly significant book, Michael Gurian synthesises this current knowledge and presents a new way to educate our children based on brain science, neurological development, and chemical and hormonal disparities. Then he goes on to demonstrate how this difference in hard-wiring and socialised gender differences affects how they learn. Approximate running time: 180 minutes. Three CDs.

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