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17th Suspect

Author: Patterson, James
Narrator: LaVoy, January
Format: CD
Approx. 7 hours
Series: Women's Murder Club #17
Mar 2018
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Summary: The bestselling 17th novel in the Women's Murder Club series A KILLER WITH A PLAN Detective Lindsay Boxer is on the case of a series of shootings of the homeless in San Francisco, where the killer is methodical yet unpredictable. An encounter with a confidential informer leads her to disturbing conclusions - something has gone very wrong inside the police department itself. A DETECTIVE IN TOO DEEP The hunt for the killer lures Lindsay out of her jurisdiction, and Lindsay's friends in the Women's Murder Club are concerned that she's taking the crimes too much to heart. A PATH TO DANGER But with lives on the line, Lindsay can't stop herself from following the case into ever more terrifying terrain - even though the killer could cost her everythinga HOW FAR IS TOO FAR?

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