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Radio Girls

Author: Stratford, Sarah Jane
Narrator: Maarleveld, Saskia
Format: CD
Approx. 12 hours
January 2016
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Summary: Riveting historical fiction that brings to life early British radio and one woman who finds her voice working with the brilliant BBC staff. London, 1926. American-raised Maisie Musgrave is thrilled to land a job as a secretary with the upstart British Broadcasting Corporation, whose use of radio - still new and electrifying - is captivating the nation. Soon Maisie is gaining confidence as she arranges broadcasts with famous writers and politicians, but she's also caught up in a growing conflict between her two bosses: John Reith, the formidable director-general of the BBC, and Hilda Matheson, director of the hugely popular Talks programming. But when Maisie unearths a shocking conspiracy, she and Hilda join forces to make their voices heard both on and off the air...and then face the dangerous consequences of telling the truth for a living.

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