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Author: Brown, Ryk
Narrator: Kafer, Jeffrey
Format: MP3
Approx. 9 hours
Series: Frontiers Saga : Rogue Castes #4
Sci Fi/Fantasy
August 2017
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Summary: Part 2: Episode 4 An old leader born anew... A legendary ship at his disposal... A desperate crisis born of chaos... Needed allies out of unforeseen events... Nathan Scott has finally returned to lead the new Karuzari in a rebellion against the Dusahn Empire. But first, he will need to secure a ship to accommodate those who have already joined their cause. The question is; How much of him is now Nathan, and how much is still Connor? "Rebellion" is the 4th episode in Part 2 of the Frontiers Saga: Rogue Castes. Episode 5 is coming soon!

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