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Author: Lamb, Charles
Narrator: Drummond, David
Format: MP3
Approx. 10 hours
Series: AL:ICE #2
Sci Fi/Fantasy
December 2015
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Summary: Major Jake Thomas is on a roll. With the help of the Artificial Life: Intelligent Computing Environments, or ALICE systems, he has successfully faced off with the hostile NeHaw three times. With continued support from his inner circle of female recruits, all handpicked by the ALICEs to further their own agenda, he continues to try to help the earth return to glory.As Jake works to assemble a space fleet from captured and constructed vessels to address the expanding NeHaw aggression, the terrestrial challenges at home continue to pile up. With troubles in California, Maine, and Washington State to plague Jake and his team, the threat of a two-front war looms ahead.

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