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Star Soldier

Author: Heppner, Vaughn
Narrator: Miles, Ely
Format: MP3
Approx. 11 hours
Series: Doom Star #1
Sci Fi/Fantasy
Mar 2013
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Summary: It's survival of the fittest in a brutal war of extinction! Created in the gene labs as super soldiers, the Highborn decide to replace the obsolete Homo sapiens. They pirate the Doom Stars and capture the Sun Works Ring around Mercury. Now they rain asteroids, orbital fighters and nine-foot tall drop troops onto Earth in a relentless tide of conquest. Marten Kluge is on the receiving end. Hounded by Thought Police, he lives like an ant in a kilometer-deep city. The invasion frees him from a re-education camp but lands him in the military, fighting for the wrong side. STAR SOLDIER is the story of techno hell in a merciless war, with too many surprises for any grunt's sanity. STAR SOLDIER is a full novel, 82,000 words in length by Vaughn Heppner, Writers of the Future winner, Vol. IX.

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