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Star Fortress

Author: Heppner, Vaughn
Narrator: Miles, Ely
Format: MP3
Approx. 13 hours
Series: Doom Star #6
Sci Fi/Fantasy
May 2013
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Summary: The brutal war enters its final, annihilating phase in this, the sixth book of the Doom Star Series. Guided by their inhuman logic, the cyborgs maneuver new planet-wreckers, Lurkers, and secretive drone fleets into position. Waiting for the word are massed stealth-capsules, ready to fire cyborg drop-troops onto selected planets, moons, and habitats. This time the assaults won't stop until the cyborgs conquer the solar system. Highborn Grand Admiral Cassius has a deadly new weapon and a plan to defeat the terrible enemy. First, he must assassinate Supreme Commander James Hawthorne, his former ally. Then he will marshal the leaderless Homo sapiens under him, gaining unity of command with Highborn and Humans alike, hoping to lead them to victory with his strategic brilliance. Meanwhile, Marten Kluge learns a secret that could change everything. Unfortunately, he is trapped on Earth, a pawn in a growing civil war.

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