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Battle Pod

Author: Heppner, Vaughn
Narrator: Miles, Ely
Format: MP3
Approx. 13 hours
Series: Doom Star #3
Sci Fi/Fantasy
Aug 2013
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Summary: The brutal war of extinction enters a horrifying new round as the cyborgs arrive from the Neptune System, in this, the third book of the series. The Highborn are remorselessly crushing the obsolete Homo sapiens. Gambling with humanity's existence, Supreme Commander James Hawthorne attempts to lure the dreaded Doom Stars into a trap. Social Unity's combined Battlefleet is the bait. The cyborgs are Hawthorne's secret weapon. Unfortunately, for Marten Kluge, a vast space battle threatens to take place around Mars. And that is exactly where he and Omi need to go to refuel their stolen shuttle. To reach the Jupiter System, they will need more than luck and Marten's stubbornness. BATTLE POD is the story of long-range beams, stealth-capsules and survival of the fittest in a techno-battle hell. BATTLE POD is a full novel, 93,000 words in length by Vaughn Heppner, Writers of the Future winner.

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