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Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions

Author: Rosen, Keith
Narrator: Holland, Dennis
Format: MP3
Approx. 10 hours
September 2014
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Summary: Technology has not only changed the way companies sell but also the way managers build and develop their team. With a savvy, younger generation to manage and fewer resources to do so, managers have less face time with their staff. As more companies transition to a virtual team environment, itís essential for managers to learn how to quickly and efficiently coach, develop, motivate, and retain their people at a distance, over the telephone, and via the Internet. Todayís sales managers may know how to sell, but most donít know how to effectively develop their salespeople. Even with the right knowledge and resources, theyíre usually too bogged down in daily challenges, deadlines, and personal responsibilities to get it all done. As a result, advancing their salespeople takes a backseat to more immediate problems, keeping sales teams mired in mediocrity. Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions is an essential playbook that you can reference daily to develop your own executive sales coaching skills, the missing discipline among todayís leaders. Using a tactical coaching system that is easy to deploy on a consistent basis, this audiobook shows you how to realize the potential of your sales team―and retain your top performers.

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