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Once Haunted, Twice Shy

Author: Mallory, H.P.
Narrator: Rudd, Kate
Format: MP3
Approx. 9 hours
Series: Peyton Clark #2
Sci Fi/Fantasy
May 2015
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Summary: After agreeing to let the spirit of Drake Montague inhabit her body, Peyton soon discovers that the twentieth-century French policeman may be dead but his lothario longings sure aren't. Now she has to find a way to explain to her sweet, sexy boyfriend, Ryan Kelly, that a spirit has taken up residence in her head, whispering French words of affection day and night. While Peyton is torn between her love for a living man and her growing affection for one deceased, supernatural activity in New Orleans spikes"•and something wicked this way comes. With the help of her friends (and a little voodoo), Peyton learns that the demonic spirit of the Axeman may still dwell in her home. To stop bloody history from repeating itself, Peyton will have to travel back a century to confront the Axeman at his roots, with the help of a certain handsome"•and suddenly flesh and blood"•police officer in the Big Easy.

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