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Moonlit Mind

Author: Koontz, Dean
Narrator: Berkrot, Peter
Format: MP3
Approx. 4 hours
January 2015
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Summary: Twelve-year-old Crispin has lived on the streets since he was nine - with only his wits and his daring to sustain him, and only his silent dog, Harley, to call his friend. He is always on the move, never lingering in any one place long enough to risk being discovered. Still, there are certain places he returns to, like the hushed environs of St. Mary Salome Cemetery, a place where Crispin can feel at peace - safe, at least for a while, from the fearsome memories that plague him . and seep into his darkest nightmares. But not only his dreams are haunted. Crispin has seen ghosts in the dead of night, and sensed dimensions beyond reason in broad daylight. Alone, drifting, and scavenging to survive is no life for a boy. But the life Crispin has left behind, and is still running scared from, is an unspeakable alternative . that may yet catch up with him.

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