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Crazy Little Thing

Author: Brogan, Tracy
Narrator: Reyes, Lori
Format: CD
Approx. 10 hours
May 2013
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Summary: Sadie Turner is not a control freak, just' orderly. When a cheating spouse topples Sadie's impeccably tidy world, she packs up her kids for a summer vacation at her aunt's lake house, hoping to relax, reboot, and pick up the pieces away from men. All men. But eccentric Aunt Dody has other plans: she's determined to see Sadie have a little fun ' with Desmond, the sexy new neighbor. Tall, tanned, muscular ' and even great with her kids ' Desmond is Sadie's worst nightmare. He must have a flaw ' he's a man, after all ' so Sadie vows to keep her distance. But as summer blazes on, their attraction ignites, and the life Sadie is trying so hard to simplify only gets more complicated'but maybe a little chaos is just what she needs to get her future, and her dreams of love, back in order.

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