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March in Country

Author: Knight, E.E.
Narrator: Rummel, Christian
Format: CD
Approx. 10 hours
Series: Vampire Earth #9
Sci Fi/Fantasy
January 2011
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Summary: The national bestselling "master of deception and tension" (Black Gate) returns to the Vampire Earth... The race is on to claim the area between the Ohio River and Tennessee. What's left of the resistance is hiding out in the tangle of central Kentucky hills- leaving the powerful, well-organized Kurian vampires the opportunity to fill the void. Major David Valentine knows there's only one way for them to find help before the Kurians settle in: a desperate dash by hijacked rail, followed by a harrowing river journey. Valentine unites friends old and new in the effort- but the Kurian Order won't easily yield the blood-soaked Kentucky soil.

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