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Chasing Sunsets

Author: Kingsbury, Karen
Narrator: Lavoy, January
Heyborne, Kirby
Format: CD
Approx. 9 hours
Series: Angels Walking #2
January 2015
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Summary: Mary Catherine grew up in a comfortable life despite an array of health issues, including a congenital heart condition (which she quietly obsesses over). She loves her parents, who are quite wealthy, but the lifestyle never appealed to her. Instead she pursues meaning through an abundance of charity work, always giving away a part of herself in service of others. After her project with a local youth center comes to an end, Mary Catherine decides to travel to Uganda on a mission to meet the two children she sponsors - and to find out if her donations are actually helping.Accompanied by Tyler, Sami, and Marcus Dillinger, Mary Catherine arrives in Africa only to find a makeshift orphanage with 17 children and no one to care for them.

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