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Cross Roads

Author: Michaels, Fern
Narrator: Merlington, Laural
Format: CD
Approx. 9 hours
Series: Sisterhood #18
Dec 2010
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Summary: It's been a year and a half since the women of the Sisterhood received their presidential pardons, but the freedom they craved has come at a high price. The impossibly lucrative positions handed out to them by the mysterious Global Securities company have turned out to be golden handcuffs ' scattering them around the world, cutting off communication, and leaving them in miserable isolation. But a happy homecoming at the old Virginia farmhouse is marred by the hijacking of Nikki and Kathryn's private jet. It seems their few fellow passengers are not ordinary travelers ' they're an elite group of Interpol agents who urgently need the Sisterhood's help. Now the ladies face a stark choice: resume their vigilante status for one of their most hazardous assignments yet, or try to outwit a group of powerful adversaries willing to use truly desperate measures. This time, everything is in the balance ' their lives, their friendship, and the freedom they fought so hard to gain'Praise for Fern Michaels and her Sisterhood novels''Revenge is a dish best served with cloth napkins and floral centerpieces'fast-paced'puts poetic justice first.' ' Publishers Weekly on Payback'Delectable'deliver[s] revenge that's creatively swift and sweet, Michaels-style.' ' Publishers Weekly on Hokus Pokus

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