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Road To Woodbury

Author: Kirkman & Bonansinga, A
Author 2: Bonansinga, Jay
Narrator: Berman, Fred
Format: CD
Approx. 10 hours
Series: Walking Dead #2
Sci Fi/Fantasy
Sep 2013
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Summary: First came the ground-breaking comic book series. Then came the record-breaking television show. Next, the bestselling novel, Rise of the Governor. Now, having peered into the Governor's horrific past in the first book, this riveting sequel delves into Philip Blake's ascension as the leader of Woodbury. But it won't be easy . . . there are those within this walled-off city who don't trust Philip or his motives . . . or the strange scratching sounds that come from his apartment. But Philip Blake is determined to turn Woodbury into a haven from the post-apocalyptic nightmare surrounding Woodbury, and he'll do whatever necessary to make sure that his vision sees fruition. Even if that means killing the people currently in charge.Fans of The Walking Dead world -in all its forms- will love Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga's deeper look into the Governor as he increases his power and darkness in The Walking Dead: Road to Woodbury.

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