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Black Site

Author: Fury, Dalton
Narrator: Fliakos, Ari
Format: CD
Approx. 13 hours
Series: Delta Force #1
January 2015
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Summary: Meet Kolt Raynor. A Delta Force operator and one-time American hero, he is still trying to make sense of his life - and duty - after a secret mission gone bad. Three years ago, in the mountains of Pakistan, Raynor made a split-second decision to disobey orders - one that got some of his teammates killed and the rest captured. Now he's been given a second chance to do right by his country, his men, and himself. But Raynor's shot at redemption comes at a price. A shadowy group of former colleagues has asked Raynor to return, alone, to Pakistan's badlands. His assignment seems clear: find his missing men and bring them home. What Raynor never expected was to uncover a sinister al Qaeda plot to capture a Black Site--a secret U.S. prison--and destabilize the region. Meanwhile, a ruthless, unknown enemy is on his trail.and he will stop at nothing to make sure that Raynor's mission is not accomplished.

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