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At First Sight

Author: Cannell, Stephen
Narrator: Brick, Scott
Format: MP3
Approx. 9 hours
January 2008
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Summary: Meet Chick Best - a middle-aged, self-absorbed, disaffected, California millionaire. Other than his house and high-priced foreign cars, Chick's most expensive possession is his trophy wife, Evelyn. Evelyn is good at spending Chick's money, money that has pretty much run out. His other personal possession is his drug-addled sixteen-year old daughter, Melissa. Though concerned about his life and family, Chick resigns himself to a miserable state of acceptance. That is, until he, Evelyn, and Melissa take a Christmas vacation in Maui. With this, Chick's life changes.. Chick experiences unrequited love at first sight when he observes Paige Ellis. His obsession, exceeded only by his need to possess her, isn't diminished when he learns that she is happily married. Instead, he befriends Paige and her near-perfect husband, Chandler. A short time later, Chick's obsession compels him to drive to Paige's house, where he runs down and kills Chandler in a drug store parking lot. He attends the husband's funeral, feigning compassion for Paige. Several months later, with his lust for Paige in high gear, Chick stages a carjacking and murders Evelyn. Evidence that Chick has planted in and around the car implicates an ex-convict. When he calls Paige with the news of Evelyn's murder, she returns the favor and comes to comfort Chick in what she thinks is his time of need. Chick, however, has other ideas. Will Paige learn the truth before it's too late?

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