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Sunset Express

Author: Crais, Robert
Narrator: Stuart, David
Format: MP3
Approx. 7 hours
Series: Elvis Cole #6
January 1996
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Summary: Prominent restaurateur Teddy Martin is facing charges in his wifes brutal murder. But hes not going down without spending a bundle of cash on his defense. So his hotshot attorney hires P.I. Elvis Cole to find proof that Detective Angela Rossi tampered with the evidence. Rossi needs a way back to the fast track after falling hard during an internal investigation five years ago. But Cole needs to know if shes desperate enough to falsify the case against Martin in order to secure her own position. As Cole and his partner Joe Pike work their way through a tangle of witnesses and an even greater tangle of media, they begin to suspect that its not the police who are behind the setup.

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