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Author: Britton, Andrew
Narrator: Charles, J.
Format: MP3
Approx. 15 hours
Series: Ryan Kealey #3
January 2008
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Summary: Their identity is unknown. No government files exist on them. They've managed to slip under the radar, leaving behind no trace as they quietly infiltrate societies...become citizens...seamlessly blend into the culture...and wait for the right moment to strike. They're the CIA's worst nightmare. They're known as The Invisible... Ryan Kealey has spent the last six months running from the past and trying to convince himself he has retired from the CIA. But when the president asks Kealey for his help to combat the greatest enemy the United States has ever known, he knows he can't refuse. It all begins when a busload of Western adventurers is brutally hijacked, and a young woman photographer leaves behind a clue to her attackers' identity - a clue that will stun the world. Days later, an even more outrageous attack occurs when the motorcade of the U.S. Secretary of State is ambushed in a fiery assault - and militants kidnap the Secretary. All signs point to a diabolical terrorist leader who's responsible for countless acts of terrorism and kidnappings. But how do the two events relate? As far as Kealey is concerned, there's no such thing as a coincidence. And when Kealey uncovers a treacherous web of deception, its consequences could shake the world. With former agent Naomi Kharmai again on his team, Kealey is racing to stay one step ahead as the hunter soon becomes the hunted. But how do you catch an enemy who remains out of sight?

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