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The Spenser Collection: Volume II: Back Story and Widow's Walk

Author: Parker, Robert B.
Narrator: Mantegna, Joe
Format: CD
Approx. 12 hours
Jun 2003
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Summary: Back StoryWhen Spenser tries to solve a thirty-year-old murder as a favor to an old friend, the lack of clues and the fact that an FBI intelligence report is missing force Spenser to reach out in every direction'to his old friend's estranged hippie father; to Vinnie Morris and the mob; to the mysterious Ives'and test his resourcefulness and courage. Taut, tense, and expertly crafted, this is Robert B. Parker at his story-telling best.Widow's WalkSpenser is back, this time to investigate the murder of a prominent local banker with family ties to the Mayflower'and perhaps the Mob. Unfortunately, Spenser's up against a wall; leads go nowhere, no one knows a thing. Then a young woman, recently fired from her position at the victim's bank, turns up dead as well. With its lean, crackling diaglogue, crisp action, and razor-sharp characters, Widow's Walk is yet another triumph from master of suspense Robert B. Parker.

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