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Marrow Island

Author: Smith, Alexis M.
Narrator: Rankin, Emily
Format: CD
Approx. 9 hours
June 2016
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Summary: It has been 20 years since Lucie Bowen left the islands. Twenty years ago the May Day Quake set loose catastrophic waves along the West Coast, from Alaska to California, shattering thousands of lives. Twenty years ago Lucie's father disappeared in an explosion at the Marrow Island oil refinery, a tragedy that destroyed the island's ecosystem and sent Lucie and her mother to the mainland to start anew. Twenty years ago Lucie and her best friend, Katie, were just Puget Sound children, tucked up under their desks, hovering under mylar sheets, hoping to survive. Now Katie writes with strange and miraculous news. Marrow Island is no longer uninhabitable, no longer abandoned. She is part of a community, the mysterious Colony, that has somehow conjured life again from Marrow's soil. Lucie returns. Her journalist instincts tell her there's more to the Colony and their charismatic leader - a former nun with an all-consuming plan - than its members want her to know. The island's astonishing rebirth seems to have come at great cost - perhaps to the colonists themselves. As she uncovers their secrets, will Lucie endanger more than their mission? What price will she pay for the truth?

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