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The Manhattan Hunt Club

Author: Saul, John
Narrator: Meriwether, Lee
Format: CD
Approx. 6 hours
Jul 2001
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Summary: Performed by Lee MeriwetherFour cassettes, 6 hoursWhen twenty-one year old NYU student Jeff Converse is convicted of a brutal rape and murder that he did not commit, his nightmare has just begun. Instead of being taken to prison, he is abducted and left in the dark network of tunnels that exist beneath Manhattan. Jeff is at the mercy of the secret society that controls this underground hell-the Manhattan Hunt Club,an exclusive club near Wall Street whose membership includes many of the city's political and financial elite. Bored with conventional sport, these members now pursue a much more challenging species of game. With a vicious killer as his only ally, Jeff quickly learns the simple rules to the game he has unwittingly begun to play: he will be turned loose in the tunnels and then hunted. If he reaches the surface, he is free. But if he's found, he faces a grisly death.With this chilling descent into new depths of darkness, John Saul soars to new heights of suspenseful storytelling.

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