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The 10 Second Internet Manager

Author: Breier, Mark
Narrator: Breier, Mark
Format: CD
Approx. 4 hours
Sep 2000
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Summary: 5 CDs / 5 hoursToday, every manager is an Internet manager. And it doesn't matter whether you're an Internet pioneer, a panicked manufacturer, or a retailer trying to cope--every manager needs help. In The 10-Second Internet Manager, Mark Breier, an online expert, offers the tools and tricks that have made him an Internet success.A noted Internet management consultant, Mark Breier was previously president and CEO of and vice-president of marketing at of the top ten e-commerce sites. When it comes to selling in the dot-com world, he's been there/done that. Twice.The Ten-Second Internet Manager is a skills primer, essential for accessing the vast wealth of the electronic economy. It's about building brand loyalty, caring asbout customers, and serving needs--traditional enough strategies--but doing them at warp speed by utilizing e-mail, customer feedback, effective meetings, and creating a faster, smarter, and more fun culture. For anyone who's eager to start or manage an e-business, or adapt a traditional business to the Internet, it is a rich source of pivotal ideas for thriving in the information age.

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